Monocular Research Microscope
MC610 - Monocular Research Microscope
  • Observation Head - Monocular 45 degree inclined tube rotatable through 360 degree for any professional operation and can be locked in any direction.
  • Stand - One piece die cast arm and large size rectangular, heavy stable base with Transformer and electrical fittings concealed inside.
  • Body - Monocular Tube inclinable upto 90°, Mechanical Tube length 160mm.
  • Stage - Graduated mechanical stage size 120x120mm with convenient adjustment for slide manipulation upto 40x75mm.
  • Nosepiece - Precise Quadruple revolving Nosepiece with precise centering and positive click stops ensuring accurate position of objectives.
  • Stage - Built-in graduated mechanical stage of size 135x120mm is controlled by convenient low co-axial positioned knobs for easy and smooth scan of the specimen slides over entire range of 50x75mm.
  • Condenser - Bright field, Abbe N.A. 1.25 with Iris-diaphragm and swing out filter holder can be moved through rack-pinon. The Condenser unit incorporates high efficiency optical system for optimum utilization of light from low to high magnification. It is interchangeable with professional accessories.
  • Focussing - By vertical movement of stage, coarse adjustment by rack-pinion and fine movement by screw lever mechanism driven by graduated knob.
  • Illumination - 6V-20W Halogen Lamp fitted directly under the field lenses operated through solid state variable controlled transformer 220 Volts. Reflector attachment for working in day light is also provided.
  • Objectives - Achromatic 4x, 10x, 40x SL and 100x SL Oil Immersion.
  • Eyepieces - Wide Field WF10x.
  • Accessories - Vinyl Cover, Duster, Cleaning Brush, Filter, 25ml of Immersion Oil, a roll of Lens paper, 100ml of lens cleaning solution and Operating Manual.
  • Packing - In Wooden Storing Cabinet with Lock & Key (with extra charges).
Price includes delivery charges. Delivery time by Courier within 1 week.

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Monocular Research Microscope


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