Digital Thermometer Basal, Dual Scale
DP19 - Digital Thermometer Basal, Dual Scale

Know your most fertile time of the month for conceiving a baby with high quality NET Digital Basal Thermometer. A woman is susceptible to conceive during 3 days of ovulation and NET Basal Mercury Thermometer can indicate these days. Fast, accurate digital thermometer for gauging basal temperature and identifying ovulation times for help with conception or contraception.

  • Convenient, easy to read LCD display. Beeping sound lets you know when the measurement is complete.
  • Suitable for oral (sub-lingual), rectal and under the armpit use.

Temperature Range:

  • 90° - 108°F
  • 32° - 40° C


Centigrade ±0.2°C less than 35.0°C ±0.1°C 35.0°C to 39.0°C ±0.2°C Greater than 39.0°C

Fahrenheit ±0.3°F less than 96.0°F ±0.2°F 95.0°F to 102.0°F ±0.3°F Greater than 102.0°F At standard room temperature 25.0°C (77.0°F)

Includes comprehensive ovulation charts and instructions!

Price includes delivery charges. Delivery time by Airmail » 2-3 weeks.

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Digital Thermometer Basal, Dual Scale


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